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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How To Make Money Online Fast By Creating Newsletters

If you've ever considered turning Clickbank into your own personal ATM and making enormous withdrawals whenever you feel like, then, this recommendation may change your whole life.

Before I move into the meat of things let me ask you a question: "Are you scared to pay for traffic?" And when I say "pay for traffic", I mean with things such as PPC etc.. If you are scared to pay for trafic, that is fine because you're not alone - a lot of people are.

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You've heard of Clickbank, right? You know... the free-to-join website that literally forces dosh into your pockets... Yeah if you know what you're doing!! Well, let's marry up TONS OF TRAFFIC with CLICKBANK.

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Sam D. Mann

Now then, here's an excellent article for you to read. Submitted by one of my many Guest Authors...

How To Make Money By Creating Newsletters

by Dhruv Patel

Before you find out how to make money by creating newsletters, you should of course first be aware what a newsletters is. And also what it is not. A newsletter is a subscription based letter filled with information about a particular subject, sent to a group of people who signed up to receive it.

If you therefore send out 10 000 SPAM emails about how great it would be (for your bank balance) if everyone joined your MLM scheme, that is not a newsletter. It is just plain old fashioned SPAM. And with the massive amount of SPAM people receive nowadays, it is sure to be deleted without even being opened. The reason why many people still send out SPAM is that creating a good newsletter is more work, and getting people to sign up for it is even more work.

With billions of websites on the Internet, it is getting harder and harder to get repeat visitors. And repeat visitors is exactly what you need if you want to make any serious money with your website. That is where a newsletter could become very useful. If you have an interesting website to start off with, and you can get a once-off visitor to sign up for your newsletter, you now have a way to remind that visitor about your website over and over, and to entice him to come back.

If you, however, simply uses the newsletter to try and sell your readers a long list of products, without providing anything else, you will quickly see how fast people can unsubscribe from a newsletter, and how far away they will stay from your website in future. That does not mean to say you can't use your newsletter to sell things, but don't push things down your readers' throats.

You might for example be writing articles for websites which share the advertising money generated by what you write. Examples of those are Squidoo and Xomba. The more visitors you can attract to your articles, the more clicks you are going to generate, and the more money you will make. You could therefore have links from your newsletter to the latest articles you wrote. If your newsletter is interesting and informative, you are sure to get people going to read your articles.

If you are a member of an affiliate program, for example Amazon, you could insert the links to that affiliate program into the content of the newsletter itself. Very popular newsletters will also attract advertisers who want to expose their products to your readers, and who are prepared to pay to do this.

Should you be lucky enough to be a guru in any specific subject, you might just have struck gold. You have the option of creating a subscription based website, where people pay for the information you provide. Then you can use your newsletter to tell people more about what you offer, and to encourage them to sign up at the website. Or you could utilize the website to tell people more about your paid newsletter. Either way the newsletter will prove to be priceless.

Once you know how to make money by creating newsletters, you can do it over and over again. It's not quite as easy as printing money, but with the right approach it can become close!

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