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Sam D. Mann

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Internet Marketers Are Facing A Big Problem... What Is It?

My favourite anger-management piece on 17th April 2009

Hello, Do you want to know if You're On The Cycle Of Madness?

You'll know you’re on the cycle of madness when... You're spending more than 1 hour a day reading emails, blog posts etc.. You're spending hours browsing the social book marking sites, tweeting CNN and all sorts.

Let me ask you this:

How much time have you devoted today to reading, studying and implementing strategies that would make a difference to your bank account?

My friend, I'll let you into a secret... They are out to get you. By "THEY", I mean the "gurus". The clever Internet marketers. The owners of the myriads of "Lists" that target you relentlessly. The JV'ers that promote each other's products without even knowing the "good, bad or ugly" about the product they're promoting. The people that brag about how many thousands of "followers" they have... etc., etc..

It truly blows my flippin' mind the way some of these Internet marketers think. The way I see it is like this: They really do believe that the people they've "coralled" into their respective systems are just cash cows ready to be milked.

Well, you might be a cash cow, but I'm certainly not some kinda dumb-A**ed cow just waiting to be milked. What gets up my nose is, these people seem to think that they can promote crap and get paid to do so. Let's get this straight: Crap will always be crap. Even if you pick the dirty little bits out of it then gloss over it with a crap-glossing machine. It will still be just worthless, shiny, over-rated crap.

So what's my point here? Look, if you've been searching and running around in circles wanting to make money and all you ended up doing was "SPEND, SPEND, SPEND"... Then my advice is:

Get out of this cycle of madness today.

Stop reading all those enticing emails.

Stop all wesbsite socialising.

Buckle down for a week.

Get yourself a REAL System that will show you beyond all word-of-a-doubt: "How to make money online and how to get massive amounts of target traffic to your websites".

When you do that, by the end of week 1, you will be making money instead of buying cash-sucking crap.

So, what is it and where can you get it... Well, you definitely have to move at the speed of light... because time is running out.

The product I'm talking about is eSlumdog by LATIF and the response is huge - much greater than anticipated. Yesterday evening, over 2,000 savvy marketers had already decided to leave the 'chump' change on the table for others to collect while they concentrated on raking in the BIG money.

You don't have to believe me, but I'm warning you... this is the final call! The weekend is nearly upon us and as promised LATIF will raise the price - which means the discount will be gone forever. (A wise scotsman once said "A penny saved is a penny earned"!!

So what will you be getting? Here's a breakdown of what's waiting for you: A duplicate copy LATIF's EXACT system – so NO guess work here.

With this system, failure is not an option. Providing you study and take action on what you learn. (45 "no-fluf" eBooks plus 15 high quaility videos with cracking information you can use right away.)

I'll tell you this - LATIF's eSlumdog System works like magic. The more you follow this System - the more money you'll make.

And now I can truly say "At last, we have an answer to the biggest problem facing new (and seasoned) Internet marketers."

To re-cap, with the eSlumdog System you'll learn:

How to start part time (2-3 hours a day) or even full time and make money on autopilot

How the *REAL* money is made online today

How you will profit like the BIG players and create HUGE surges of trafficLittle known Front End, Upsell and Backend sales EXPLOSION strategies

Why 90% of everything you've ever learned about making money is practically USELESS!

The ONE thing almost everyone needs and why people will pay you for it

How to create multiply residual streams of income

Fast and easy ways for anyone to start building profitable businesses even if you've never had a website and don't have any technical skills at all

Precisely where the "hungry crowd" is who are craving tobuy almost anything you have to offer

How to generate an avalanche of traffic in less than 24 hours... and it won't cost you a penny

How people will jump to promote your website for you

How to generate masses of *HIGHLY* targeted traffic without paying for advertising

How your visitors are persuaded effortlessly to buy from youHow to explode YOUR income FIVE-FOLD over the next 12 months

Over-all you'll be handed on a plate, a *PROVEN* multi-million dollar business strategy only used by BIG players.

Download your 60 days risk-free trial today

Enjoy Latif's eSlumdog programme.

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading this post. P.S. Did I mention that you have 60 DAYS to use eSlumdog system to its FULL capacity... Not to mention that CLICKBANK will refund you your money if you're not fully satisfied. Can't get better than that!!

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