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Sam D. Mann

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Most Overlooked Solution For Affiliate Marketing

The reason of this article is to make you conscious about avoiding mistakes that are assassinating Internet marketers� success before it even starts. After reading this, you�ll be clear on the major challenges existing for someone who�s trying to discover how to build a profitable Internet enterprise in 2009. With a bit of luck, it will make clear to you and direct you to the path of considerable profits. Welcome to the land of Delusion and Confusion?Most new Internet marketers seem to be lost� Overwhelmed... Don�t know where to start or what they should be doing from one day to the next. Are you in the same boat; experiencing the same thing? If you are, keep reading because this report will be your �lighthouse� in these rough waters of uncertainty � and will rescue you from �drowning�.Sadly, more and more Internet marketers are quitting and even more WILL be quitting in the near future. There are a number of reasons for that and I�ll run through them in a minute. Please don�t see this as a �Doom and Gloom� report intended to worry you � instead see this as a wake up call that�s going to save you from disaster. My purpose is to help you save years of painful and expensive trial and error � or worst having you quit from frustration.Information OverloadThis is a real problem. When you�re starting, you obviously need to learn. You need to educate yourself. So, you start learning� You acquire a few ebooks� You start visiting forums and learning. You might even pony up a thousand dollars or more for a serious course. And at the start, it�s thrilling. You feel like, �Wow, this is cool stuff.� But, shortly after, pleasure shifts to dissatisfaction. That�s a normal response when you are snowed under. It�s not unusual for a newbie or intermediate marketer to waste YEARS in the �information overload zone�. One of the secrets to getting out of the "information overload zone" is to balance the learning with action. At the outset you should spend 50% of your time learning and 50% of your time taking action immediately on the things you just learned. As you progress, your learning time should reduce gradually as you become more self-confident and take more action.The Inability To Know What WorksThe difficulty when you�re starting out is knowing what�s good. How can you know what works? The answer is: YOU CAN�T. And there begins the expensive, painful process of trial and error. Here�s how it more often than not goes� Let's say you buy 5 courses and 1 is good quality. And you spent $2500. That means, you threw away $2000 buying �bogus information�.The additional question is, you have a lot of �worthless junk� floating around in your brain. Now here�s a tip� Until you get GOOD at what you're doing, it's just darn difficult to tell the difference between what's �junk� and what's �really good stuff�. This is a vicious cycle that leads to chaos and disappointment?Be OpportunisticMost Internet marketers today are spinning in the �make money quick� groove! Nothing wrong with that at all, but the trouble is, opportunities come and go. The perfect example is when you turn into a "Glutton for punishment" where you fall for the con artist selling their "push-a button" - Build-100-sites - Make-$10,000-a-month-with-adsense or whatever... To crack this you have to to be a clever marketer building REAL businesses that will make you successful.You should have a business-building mindset. The big winners online are the people who recognize how to twist an opening into a business. Most importantly, you must stop �reacting� and start creating. The Lack of a Comprehensive A to Z Internet Marketing Business Building ProcessHere's a quick teaser for you. Will a car's engine start if you disconnect the spark plug? No. Just think of that... 1 tiny piece can prevent all the hundreds of other parts from doing their job if it's not in position. That�s the same thing with Internet marketing.And there�s a reason why no one is giving you all the pieces of the puzzle. The reason is� They want to be seen as �1 trick ponies�. They learn from other �gurus� that they should specialize in 1 thing. So, 1 guy/gal is the �Adwords boss�, the next is the �Traffic Dude�, the next is �The Product Launch Wizard�, the next is the �SEO Master� and so on�The dirty secret the gurus aren�t telling you is: They are pretty damn good at just about ALL OF IT. But, their belief in �specialization� prevents them from telling you this. That's bloody evil - especially when they band together in a "circle of friends" and JV each other's products.What doe it feel like to be slapped by Google? Go here to find out

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