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Sam D. Mann

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Could Trivani International Help You Make Money Online Fast? Here's A Review

Have You Ever Wondered What It World Be Like...
To Witness First-Hand... Money Practically Raining From The Sky?

They say that:
Financial independence starts when you have 3 months of your bills in the bank.
Financial freedom is when you've got enough money coming in every month without you lifting a finger - enough to pay all your bills and make you comfortable.
There’s this thing called “Financial Opulence”. That's when you've got so much money that your money is totally working for you.

So what I'm saying is $10,000 a month is chump change - and now-a-days - if you want to start to feel like you're really “set” - the number is more like $30,000 a month. So, I think people really have to stop lying to themselves if they think that $100,000 a year would solve all of their problems. It doesn't even give you that many ‘choices’ anymore.

Just got some info from Jaimie Lewis - One of the head guys behind the brilliant affiliate marketing program "CopyNProfit". Just as the name implies, it really is a dead easy thing to do... You just copy their active campaigns and profit from your actions!! Read what he had to say...

Hey Sam,

I've been getting some amazing feedback on the CopyNProfit template system lately. It really makes my day worth while to see not only happy but ECSTATIC people writing to me of their results.

See this link below for the real testimonials I post ... it starts with one college student who did $42,780 in the span of just over 63 days. He was only a beginner at affiliate marketing - and was NOT even savvy with computers at all!

It's like he cheated on a test by copying us!

... and it is not uncommon to see someone who has been struggling for years to finally make a $200/day residual within a few days of using CopyNProfit.

Now Sam, I want to hear YOUR success story.

In fact, I am SO confident that you'll be so satisfied with the CopyNProfit system that I want you to try it with my full guidance so you will never have to guess at what works. I will be there to solve the problem for you, no matter how intricate. Guaranteed.

When everyone else is merely giving you stock customer support, I'll personally be there at your side giving you every insider trick to powerful business revenue. No gambling - I promise.

People are calling me "foolish" for allowing such a EASY turn-key for people to copy my OWN campaigns ... they're saying people are going to "take advantage" of this and that "I'll lose" because it'll increase competition for my campaigns.

See the testimonial by Lanty Paul and you'll realize that the fear is totally unjustified. It's titled "Vast Niches with Vast Techniques". I can show all our valued members these campaigns and we'd all still profit massively and happily from a big pie.

... and you know what? That's the chance I'm willing to take for you. I KNOW that you'll be so happy with CopyNProfit that you will want to keep it forever just in case you ever need quick revenue generation in the fastest, simplest manner!

That's how confident I am in CopyNProfit to help you profit.

And that's how confident I am that it will work for you, just like it did for me and our exclusive members around the WORLD.

So, really? What have you got to lose? Absolutely nothing! Try my program and our commitment to your success before the licenses are sold out...

BOTTOM LINE: Will your business increase dramatically? Will you profit from this almost automatically?

My answer is a resounding and unwavering YES 110%.

Just make sure you ask me any time you run into some troubles. I'm here to GUIDE you - do take advantage of this. Don't forget that.

See you on the other side NOW ... procrastination is a sin in my book.

Blunt regards,


P.S. Try it now if you haven't yet and tell me your success story in a few days after your first revenue streams.

Stop wondering how to make money online fast - Get CopyNProfit Today

Sam D. Mann's Tips on how to best profit from using CopyNProfit...
Step 1: Choose a campaign to work with: Pick your niche, keywords and ads based on our data and PROVEN performance.
Step 2: Copy the campaign: Either copy & paste the campaign into your PPC account or import the file for lightning fast results.
Step 3: Use the automatic ad creator software. (A great way to MAXIMIZE the already existing profit generating campaign.
Step 4: Multiply your profits from your campaign to your article and forum marketing efforts using the campaign and performance data. Yes, exact templates to follow even here!
Step 5: Fire up your campaign and track the results and critique the performance.
Watch the money come in.

Go read sam d. mann.s review of CopyNProfit Today

That's all for the moment. Enjoy life!!

Sam D. Mann

Now then, here's a great article for you to read. Penned by one of my many Guest Authors...

Trivani International Review: Could Trivani Be Just Another Scam?

by Brandon Koon

Trivani International Review: Established in 2007 by Leslie DeeAnn, President, and her son Bob, Trivani International is an MLM company which operates on an international level. It has branches in several parts of the world, officially opening a new branch in the Philippines in January of 2009. The company is composed of two parts; one is a non-profit foundation and the second is a for-profit company.

The company's many humanitarian projects throughout the world include, but are not limited to, construction and school loans, forest replanting of oxygen bearing trees, relief to needy countries, and other humanitarian projects deemed worthy. Their distributors sponsor children through a Guardian Program which many distributors find is a great selling feature.

Their site lists three things their company is founded on. They are purpose, health, and prosperity programs focused on providing aid worldwide. In the Purpose program their main goal is to support humanitarian efforts. The Health Program focuses on ensuring awareness of the harmful ingredients in many products and providing safe products which can be sold. And the Prosperity Program focuses on distributor success.

Stressing the amount of harmful ingredients in products now used throughout the world, the company produces items for hair, personal use, skin care, and oral hygiene, as well as health wellness items, which they claim do not contain harmful ingredients. This factor, plus the humanitarian causes they support, makes a good selling point for their products.

Having a selling point is the basis of success as a distributor. Stressing humanitarian projects and contaminate-free projects seems like a sure winner. Some people do seem to succeed with this approach, however, things such as territory, field of possible buyers, and other things must be taken into account before making any type of commitment.

Finding out just how one can become a distributor for this company is rather difficult when checking the web for details. One site states there is no entry fee, no upfront product purchases, no kits or paperwork, and no training. One must wonder, if there is no training how a distributor would know exactly what they are expected to do. There is mention of fifteen profit sharing pools, paying 45% over three levels with high payoffs and extra incentives, but they are not fully explained.

In another section, distributors are offered video training programs called Trivani Live Today-Basic and Trivani Live Today-Plus. These videos are said to allow video conferencing and collaboration, face-to-face conferencing, chatting, and audio presentations. The basic program costs $55.50 and the Trivani Live Today-Plus sells for $110.00. This, apparently, does not offer training, but just methods of presenting the products through conversation or consulting with the home office.

The Trivani Company appears to be a company that is humanitarian in nature and has many such programs listed. Being international there are distributors throughout the world. When considering joining such an organization a potential distributor should examine all aspects of the proposal and understand just what the obligations are. Many times there are things not apparent at first glance which can be very costly and disappointing to one entering this type of venture.

About the Author:


Here's today's tip from Sam D. Mann at Affiliate Marketing Strategies Tips and Tools

Nothing beats being able to:
1. Establish profitable search terms (Using Buyers keywords).
2. Launch mini sites based on the given keyword phrases.
3. Rank in Google and every one of the other search engines for those keyword phrases.
4. Convert your traffic into revenue.

Each of the steps listed above is vitally significant to doing well on-line and can ultimately determine how much cash you can generate. Understanding and identifying profitable search terms ought to be the starting point of your business.

Know this: People which misunderstand or ignore any of the above points finish up pissed off and not bringing in any money. Generally speaking, ignoring those points leads to the down fall of numerous would-be successful Net marketers.

Final point. Always ask yourself:
How can I drive traffic in this market?
Can this traffic convert into affiliate sales or AdSense clicks?
What is the value of a conversion?

SEO Tip Of The Day.
Wordpress & Blogger A blog is a mandatory piece of your online puzzle. Search engines love blogs because they are easy for their spiders to read, they are updated often with content, and are very easy to modify.

My thoughts for today...
**A nice quote ** Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall. Confucius

Another great web site for you to check out and read some excellent articles on...
How To Make Money Online Fast

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