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Saturday, January 2, 2010

How To Get Web Success And Make Money Online Fast

With this package you can... Go from $Zero to $Hero in just 30 days! Best of all... NO list, NO contacts and NO JV Partners!

This One Works - Maverick Money Makers - Make Money Online Fast!

Maverick Money Makers is a membership site, meaning it has a continuing monthly subscription fee of $97. For many who are simply dabbling in this and that on Internet as a hobby Maverick Money Makers is not the way to go.

So for those who are simply looking for the "next new thing" to take a crack at, this is not it. This wealth-creation club is for folks who would like to earn money online fast, and who need the knowledge to make that happen for real.

The heart of this money-making club is a progression of high quality training videos and for the get-right-into-it kinda people. Mack Michaels may start off a bit deliberate but when he gets going he is awfully lucid in both his onscreen pointers and communication about make-or-break details. People new to Internet marketing will like his clarity.

The videos themselves are a cut above most of the streaming videos on the internet. They are large, clear and effortless to watch - a rare commodity these days.

It helps even more that the presentation is crisp and clear because many of the videos last anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour. No one can say that Mack under-delivers when it comes to great content. You get the impression he in fact does want you to be successful, and is trying hard to impart his extensive expertise about internet marketing, though at the same time trying to simplify it for those new to Internet marketing, and still give vital details for more advanced users. There are plans to put in additional videos to every one of these club areas each month, and the titles and skills are interesting, especially the "Millionaire Systems" videos yet to come.

I must point out here that two of the club areas dedicated to wealth creation are not purely video content - you have to do some reading.

Mack and his team of experts have created over 100 specific starter topics for club members to use as "thought generators" for marketing successfully in profitable niches right from the start. He labels this - "Brilliant Niche Marketing Ideas."

But then, they take it another step further in the "Turnkey Products to Sell" section.

Here, they link to over 100 blue clickable links of instantly downloadable zip files that hold extensive starter marketing campaign resources: PLR articles in 9 different languages, in Word, text, and HTML formats, affiliate programs for each topic areas, and even LSI keyword research for each topic.

If you are not yet familiar with LSI - "latent semantic indexing," it is simply the naturally-occurring keywords associated with a main keyword.

The important point here is that all of the heavy lifting has been completed for you already. But there is still a lot of flexibility in each of these areas to put your own spin on it. This avoids the drawbacks of many cookie-cutter campaigns offered by most sites, where every member runs exactly the same campaign.

Mack hands you you the important pieces, and it is up to you to dress it up with your own individuality and direction with the other tools and teaching he provides.

There is a wide mixture of information to be had here, not all of it is fresh or exclusive, but few sites have pulled it all together as well as Mack. With most membership sites you still have to go play hide-n-seek with Google to find the missing pieces to make your strategies work well.

Mack Michaels does contribute quite a bit of hard-to-find mid- and advanced level tips and tricks to help your marketing shift into high gear. For eg., nearly all Gurus pass on you not to use Google Adwords Content Network, however Mack divulges plainly how to benefit from the variety and lower (CPC), Cost per Click, it offers.

A number of of the techniques take cash outlay to put into action. Still, these are offset with his low or no-cash "Quick Money Blueprints." If you need to, then start slowly by investing more time than cash. Then build up as you make some profits, Mack also makes a path for you

Most of the content is produced in video format and it takes a little while to consume. While the quality of the information is first-rate, I wish there were PDF quick start guides or summaries for those who prefer to learn by reading. That said, written materials take a lot longer to create than a "how to," on-the-spot video tutorials. So there is a trade-off, with the videos coming out infront because of both clarity, and the capacity to stockpile the club with more information, quicker.

When you start paying out your $97.00 each month, you are forced to earn that money back. Happily, there are a lot of tools and techniques in the club to ensure that happens.

In fact, the simplicity and money-making power of some of the advanced techniques is remarkable. It's then easier to understand how some people are more often than not pulling in outrageous sums working an hour or two a day from their home office. You'll learn that while several of the basic methods of creating a little extra income via basic affiliate marketing are valid, the truly big money is available for the most part through using exclusive techniques and tactics that most marketers are not eager to reveal.

You might think that there could be struggle among club members working with the same techniques. This is maybe the supreme potency of the Maverick Money Makers Club. Notwithstanding the array of content, it is easy to understand and it's provided in a way that makes for great flexibility for individual marketers to go out and successfully do their own thing.

A crucial motivator for owners of membership websites like Maverick Money Makers is providing continuing value so that dropout among members is mitigated. It is to a great extent far easier to keep a satisfied member happy than to get a new one.

Not every tom, dick, harry and mary can meet the expense of $97.00 a month to jumpstart their Internet marketing vocation. For those which can, the initial outlay concern will evaporate with the first profits paycheck.

For the earnest marketer that merely desires more progressive techniques to wealth, both short and long-term, the Maverick Money Makers Club offers a fabulous level of high quality, positive, ongoing training to help you make money online fast!

That is it for now. Think Lucky - Be Lucky!!

Sam D. Mann

Now then, here's a great article for you to read. Submitted by one of my many Guest Authors...

How To Get Web Success Using Article Marketing Strategies?

by Dustin Fennell

If you have an online business or planning to start one, it is very important to know some tips that will help you increase the web traffic to your website. Web traffic is very important for the growth of any website to bring visitors and increasing sales. Therefore, we are discussing some common but yet effective methods that will help you increase web traffic to your website. Search engine optimization and creating backlinks by posting articles on various article submission directories are the best article marketing strategies that should be taken care of.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the methods that will help you to get a large number of targeted traffic to your website with the help of the normal 'search engine results'. The SEO (search engine optimization) traffic is organic as well as it comes through search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Therefore, if you follow the right article marketing strategy, you will be able to increase the traffic flow on your website very easily. SEM or Search Engine Marketing basically deals with the paid inclusion. In paid inclusion, you should pay for the traffic that flows into your website. If you compare paid inclusion with other processes such as free and organic traffic, organic traffic is obtained through popular search engines, but you need to put efforts to obtain the best results. A recent study has also proved that article marketing is one of the best methods to grab the attention of the visitors and also to increase the traffic flow to a website.

Popular article marketing directories have a dominant presence in search engine; they are regularly indexed and they have a high Page Rank. Here is how an article marketing strategy can positively benefit your business:

1. Huge Traffic Generator: Article marketing is nothing but writing articles related to your business or passion. Since article directories are frequently indexed by Google, whenever you write an article tactfully, with relevant keywords beautifully embedded within the article, it can attract search engine traffic. So when a user keys in a phrase or set of keywords related to your article, the article directory in which you posted your article, pops up in the first few results of the search engine. At the end of the article, in the resource box of the given article directory, you have to put a link to your blog or website. So you can imagine the staggering amount of traffic that can come to your website through the search engine results as well as through direct traffic from these popular article directories.

2. Creating A Name And Image In The Online World: If you plan to distribute your articles through the social bookmarking websites such as Digg, there are great chances that people would see your site and your will get better search engine ranking in the respective field. But when you are distributing your articles through article directories, such as ezinearticles, goarticles etc. then apart from getting targeted traffic back to your website you can also establish yourself as an expert. People may bookmark you and your mailing list, so the next time any article is published on these directories they will be notified immediately. Moreover, as compared to social bookmarking site, article submission directories have loyal and regular customers who directly come to these sites when they need some specialized information on any subject of their choice. Therefore, an article marketing strategy can easily develop your business.

3. Better Page Ranking: Article marketing provides 'Back links' to your blog or website. These back links are very crucial in becoming successful in SEO. When you post an article and put some persuasive resource box comments then you can put link back to your original website. Backlinks from some popular websites which have high traffic and page rank can be very useful in increasing the traffic and the page rank of your blog or website.

One of the best article marketing strategies is to submit your article to as many article directories as possible as it will help in creating more backlinks to your website, thereby increasing your website ranking greatly. Article marketing is one of the most important SEO strategies with a lot of benefits. With the use of articles, you can increase the flow of traffic to your website and can rank the page of your website simultaneously. Believe it or not, this online article marketing strategy can boost traffic and help you become a reliable online entity.

About the Author:


Here's today's tip from Sam D. Mann at Affiliate Marketing Strategies Tips and Tools

Nothing beats being able to:
1. Establish profitable search terms (Using Buyers keywords).
2. Launch mini sites based mostly on the given keyword phrases.
3. Rank in Google and all the other search engines for those keyword phrases.
4. Convert your traffic into revenue.

Each of the steps listed heretofore is vitally crucial to doing well online and can ultimately determine how much money you'll be able to make. Understanding and identifying profitable search terms ought to be the starting purpose of your business.

Understand this: People which misunderstand or ignore any of the above points finish up annoyed and not making any money. Generally speaking, ignoring those points ends up in the down fall of many would-be successful Web marketers.

Final point. Always ask yourself:
Can I drive traffic in this market?
Can this traffic convert into affiliate sales or AdSense clicks?
What is the value of a conversion?

SEO Tip Of The Day.
Make your TITLE (60-80 characters maximum length) and ALT tags descriptive, simple and keyword rich. Avoid irrelevant and repeated keywords. The TITLE and ALT tags should be descriptive and accurate and the website should have no broken links or incorrect HTML.

My thoughts for today...
"HELL!" shouted Schwab. "I'm not managing as well now as I know how. What we need around here is not more "knowing" but more "doing" ...not more knowledge, but more action. If you can only show us how to do half the things we already know we ought to do us how to "GET THINGS DONE" ...I'll gladly engage your services at any price."

"You're on," answered Lee. "I can give you a lesson in 20 minutes that will help you get more done tomorrow." "O.K." agreed Schwab. "I have just about 20 minutes before train time. What's your idea?"

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