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Sam D. Mann

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You will not make money online fast if you suffer from Twiller Addiction!

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Now then, here's an excellent article for you to read. Penned by one of my many Guest Authors...

How To Prevent Twitter Addiction - Twitter Time Management

by Neil Ashworth

Twitter can be very consuming. Perhaps you will have already realised that? You spend your time trying to try and do some analysis for a brand new web site, or want to do a report for school, or are trying to research a product online. However you are finding yourself talking away on Twitter much more than doing something that you should be doing.

Several prime users can refer to this a "twittiction". This can be where you're hooked in to Twitter and cannot get something else done because of it. Deadlines pass by without getting completion, school grades fall as you cannot get to bed, or don't end your homework. Or you ignore a great business deal as a result of you were too involved watching your Twitter stream roll by. A Twitter addiction will roll out of hand if you let it .Put an End to Twitter Addiction With These Straightforward Activities.

1. Set Bound Periods To Tweet By

If you discover yourself having to make amends for the most recent Twittering going on, and it is interfering with work, then set bound times during the day when you will catch up. Every 3 hours or about, you'll be able to set a limit of fifteen minutes to reply, check DM's, and add what you are up to. This will facilitate to prevent the constant craving.

2. Reduce Mobile Tweeting To Home

Several individuals take Twitter with them. Mobile applications, and sending tweets as text messages, help feed the fuel of your Twitter addiction. While you can't leave your movable applications behind, leave it in your purse, laptop bag, or pocket instead of needing to view Twitter all the time. Strive to keep to the three hour rule as much as you could even when you are mobile.

3. Take A Twitter Vow of Silence

Every once in awhile, to get reacquainted with the real life world, take some days, or maybe a week away. This approach will keep you free from Twitter addiction. Believe me, the planet would still be there as you fire up your Twitter application again. Each once in awhile take your time just to get removed from the constant desire to update, reply, keep messages current and making an attempt to keep up with everything going on. Take your time to breathe.Take It One Step At A Time.

A Twitter addiction doesn't need to be a painful thing. Take some time, bit by bit to curb your addiction and begin tweeting normally rather than compulsively. Make the most of your Twitter experience and you'll soon see it under control once more.

Learn how to grow your business with twitter and other tools with articles about carboncopypro right now.

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