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Sam D. Mann

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Keyword Selection As Part Of A Low Cost SEO Strategy

It's A Step-By-Step Proven Model That Works,,, and will continue to work
- next month, next year and even five years down the road. And once you get the concept...
You'll Start To Make Money Online Fast!

This System Won't Just Magically Add Money to Your Bank Account simply by having the product's files on your computer...
However, if you're willing to do a little bit of work to get things going, this system is for you. And it's something that will change your life in a big way-- more money, more time, and more happiness.

About once every 2-3 years a great course is brought to the marketplace the general public. 1 which answers a ton of the queries which I personally had after I first started affiliate marketing some years back.

After I first began my on-line marketing career, I had heard that affiliate advertising was the "easiest method to make money on-line". I am pretty certain that you have probably heard that statement before!. Possibly even from me!! However, with that said, once I first started advertising online,I had completely no clue about how to:
1. Make an internet site that I can use to promote someone else's product
2. Get a product to market that truly converted into sales
3. Get traffic to my web site so somebody would see what I was promoting ...
and I could go on, and on.

Nowadays, I'm always reading some "crap" in forums from people spouting off, "All you have got to do is visit and look for products with "good" sales letters." And by that they mean, merchandise that look enticing and would be ones that you might get yourself!!

Then, they assert you can head over to Google Adwords and start advertising the chosen Clickbank product.

Then you have got to figure out which keywords are producing you sales and which ones aren't.

Then get rid of the ones that aren't.

After that, you simply just let your campaigns run on "auto-pilot" and you'll be rich...

Ha, Ha, Ha...

Maybe you've heard that garbage as well. And maybe you have even tried it. I know I did. And, I'm sure I don't have to tell you that such strategies obviously doesn't work.

Anyway, let's be honest here. Individuals ARE earning a ton of money as affiliates solely promoting products. I know this for a fact. So, how they do it is the question...

Possibilities are, they are either using the strategies taught in a new course known as "The Google Sniper" system, or several sort of variation of it. I know this method works. I have several of the "auto-pilot" systems set up.

Essentially, I set up a little web site as an affiliate marketer, promoting products. Anyway, back to the course I am referring to. It's called Google Sniper.

The course is VERY good and not expensive. Much of what's taught is what I do. And some of which were completely new to me. Oh, and I nearly forgot to say that the systems taught do not use Google Adwords! Therefore, if you dislike or aren't terribly brilliant at using Google Adwords, this is excellent for you.

Ok, sorry for the long, drawn out spiel. I typically ramble a bit when I get excited concerning things I love. blah blah blah...

Anyway, you can grab a copy of the course here: =>

This course can be GOOD for you if any of these sounds like:
1. You are not very good with the idea of using Google Adwords
2. Can't seem to obtain profitable Clickbank goods to sell
3. Have tried "affiliate advertising" but perhaps solely made a few greenbacks, if any at all!
4. Get bored with things and jump from project to project quite often
5. Spend time browsing forums. Try to do stuff you read about but never seem to fully work for you.

This is probably a BAD fit for you if you:
1. Are already a "super affiliate" using your own methods successfully.
Side Note!!
If something's providing for you, then do not go chasing after another strategy. "Do not fix what ain't broken".
2. Are too unmotivated to follow instructions or scan an eBook.

Thus there you have it. You can check out the brand new course here: =>

That's it for now. Have a blessed day!!

Sam D. Mann

Now then, here's a good post for you to read. Submitted by one of my many Guest Authors...

Keyword Selection As Part Of A Low Cost SEO Strategy

by Matthew Stone

Keyword planning is a creative process that can make the difference between a successful effort to attract internet traffic and one that invests a great deal of time and produces few results. Time invested in keyword research can yield an increase in web traffic and sales and can be an important part of a Low Cost SEO strategy.

The World Wide Web is the primary tool used by prospective consumers to research products and services prior to purchase. It is important to understand then how users would search for one's products and services using the internet and how they would describe the need or problem they are looking to solve. Major companies pay a great deal of money to better understand consumer behavior on this level, but a little intuition and research can accomplish much the same for a small enterprise.

Understanding how those that have a need for a particular product or service seek out information is a language skill that requires research. Current clients or customers should be asked how they would look for information on the internet. What terms would they use to search? What exact words would they use? Knowledge of common language usage in one's niche is good first step in building an effective keyword plan.

The term "keyword" usually refers to a string of words combined in a short phrase to make up a 'keyword phrase.' A couple words - usually two or three - seem to be an effective number. Selecting these words and phrases should be based on understanding current customer behavior as well as on how many searches for these phrases are likely to take place each month. Google offers a tool in its webmaster suite that is useful for estimating how many searches may take place for the keywords and phrases selected.

Smaller enterprises must avoid choosing keyword phrases that are dominated by major corporations, though. Phrases such as "hardware distributors" would put a business up against some huge and powerful competitors. Accordingly, the search term should be 'narrowed' to avoid these competitive situations.

Narrowing keywords and keyword phrases into meaningful yet productive terms requires an additional strategy.

The term 'interchangeability' refers to a keyword string that can be searched on in different forms. These are valuable terms as they allow the enterprise to attract traffic based on multiple usages of the individual keywords. A good example of this is a web page for a water utility consultant. Using the term "Water Utility Consultants" allows the company to also focus on attracting traffic using "Utility Consultants" and any term that includes the phrase "Water Utility." This highly useful three-word phrase offers several combinations of words that can attract traffic from the search engines.

Use of a "geographic term" or location identifier is also a useful inclusion. After all, it doesn't do much good to dominate the "specialty pizza" phrase in Salt Lake City when the business is in Cleveland. Particularly for businesses that only serve a limited geographic area, including a city or town name can attract the kind of local traffic that will lead to increased sales.

Blog posts and article titles within the web page should include keywords, but should be expanded into a "long tail" form. Particularly for blog posts, use of longer phrases that include keywords, attract additional attention from the search engines. Longer article titles also allow additional words to be associated with the main keywords.

Prior consideration of how keywords are to be used in the overall web traffic strategy can yield real traffic increases without great expense. In the current economy, earning new revenue is more difficult than ever and marketing expense budgets are tight. Proper keyword research can lead to increases in new buyer traffic and can be done at minimal cost.

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