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Sam D. Mann

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Start Making Money On The Internet

“Discover The ‘Secret Weapon’ That Marketers In The Know Use To Quickly and easily launch fully customized websites that draw tons of natural search traffic. Dominate highly profitable niches, and crank out serious money - In Just A Few Clicks!”

Let’s face it... Most online programs you've already tried have probably done nothing but lighten your wallet, right?

Aren't you just sick and tired of all those gurus who claim to have the secret formula to instant riches, but haven’s taken you anywhere near the level of online success they promise...

That’s why it’s time for a change! And a BIG change at that...

If you're ready to finally achieve the kind of online success you have been searching for, allow me to let you in on a dark secret that’s been kept hidden for years now...

A Revolutionary Secretive CPA Affiliate Marketing Blueprint That Has Hit The Net Like A Monster Tsunami Overshadowing Everything In Its Way!

If you are new to cpa, this program gives you the step-by-step process on everything to set up your campaigns... monetize your campaigns... to start bringing in the dosh in next to no time. This course comes with a lot of out-of-this-world techniques... I have to admit. this is of the most thorough courses on the market at the moment.

MSN Has An Audience Of 465 Million Visitors Per Month... It is the 2nd most visited site on the Internet... And... 88% of users on MSN purchased something on the Internet during the past month! No other search engine can beat that.

Who Would You Rather Put Your Ads In Front Of...
People looking for information, or people looking to BUY things?
OK, don't bother, I know what your answer will be!

MSN Has Grabbed The Market On STARVING Crowds!

Have You Ever Stopped To Think Why Countless Gurus Hammer Us With Google-Related Products?
Here's why:
Like the magician that shoots confetti from his right hand so you do not see what he's shifting with his left... The Google gurus have been using underhand strategies to distract you away from MSN money all along.

MSN is just one of the SECRET Traffic Funnels used in Zero Friction Marketing, to drive starving people to high converting CPA offers.

You will also be taught how to utilize the UNDERGROUND Systems of media buying with banner ads, AND The SECRET Myspace Pay-Per-Click Platform.

There are undeniable proofs here that show how you may make money online fast...

This System Should Be The last you'll ever have to buy online... To finally TRANSFORM your financial life where you start MAKING the kind of real cash online that you have always been dreaming of.

The Zero Friction Marketing System contains all that you require to be successful online. So, the only question left to answer is: Do you want to be the newest online success story?

Yeah... Making Money Online Fast is no longer a pipe-dream

That's all for the moment. Enjoy life!!

Sam D. Mann

Now then, here's a brilliant article for you to read. Written by one of my many Guest Authors...

Start Making Money On The Internet

by Sam Burgess

If you have been thinking about making money on the internet, but didn't know how to go about it or where to start, then this article will give you some tips and ideas, as well as a fair and realistic assessment of what it will take. Here's a hint. Ninety seven percent of everybody who tries making money on the internet, quit.

This is not sounding too promising, so far. Listen, you're going to be hit with so much hype and nonsense, that the kind of respect & honesty you are receiving right now, will be sorely missed. Do you not agree that it's much better to be aware of what to expect, than to be lied to?

Actually, there is tremendous news: If you adhere to the following protocol, there is no possible way you will fail: First and most importantly, resolve to yourself that you will not quit. Next, commit to learning skills, as opposed to doing busy work. Then put your skills into action. Keep learning and keep taking action; day after day. The last part of the formula is to find some people you can turn to when you need help. Together, all these will guarantee that you will be making money on the internet.

The bad news is, it might take you a year of hard work to achieve some kind of momentum, and that is something that the vast majority of people just will not stand for. You will need to find out if you are in the minority, who is willing to delay gratification. If you are, welcome to the club. You are part of three percent of the people who say they want to make money online, and end up doing so.

So, where are you going to find teachers whom you can turn to in times of need? You need to find some online forums on the niche of making money online. Go to Google and type in, making money on the internet forums.

Remember this for anytime you need to learn about something on any subject in the world, and to have people you can interact with. Alright, check out several of them to get a feel for them. Join a few and introduce yourself if they have an introduction thread. Start asking questions. Do not feel like you need to be answering questions. You want to contribute value, and a sincere question does that, while a phony baloney answer does not.

Asking sincere questions is helpful enough, because a lot people lurk, and there are probably some newbies who are wondering the same thing you are asking. Your questions will help them, and others who come after you, for years to come. Keep watching for offers from members who volunteer as tutors. They nay be wanting to learn teaching skills which they later can charge for, and/or, they might be looking for future possible testimonials. If it turns out they require you to make an investment, then their offer may or may not be what it appears to be.

The two main skills you are going to learn, are bum marketing, also known as, article marketing, and list building. Look up free tutorials and start doing what you are reading about, and when you need help doing it, go to the forums and ask. If you follow the protocols laid out here, you will be making money on the internet, and when momentum builds, it will never stop.

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"You're on," answered Lee. "I can give you a lesson in 20 minutes that will help you get more done tomorrow." "O.K." agreed Schwab. "I have just about 20 minutes before train time. What's your idea?"

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