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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

YouTube Report For Everyone Serious In Video Marketing

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Now then, here's a brilliant post for you to read. Penned by one of my many Guest Authors...

YouTube Report For Everyone Serious In Video Marketing

by Stephen Charles-Smythers

In many ways it is the classic Silicon Valley success story, complete with garage. Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Steve Chen became pals when they worked for PayPal where Karim was one of the founders. In early 2005 they were at a dinner party to which many of us had brought their video recorders. Conversation turned to how hard it was to share videos with others using the internet. That impressed the pals to set off to Hurley's garage to scribble some code that would make online video sharing simple. By February they were testing their system online and receiving a great reply. The response was powerful enough that in November YouTube received $3.5 million in venture capital funding from Sequoia Capital. Millions of men and women seem to have been waiting for YouTube. When the site launched officially, in December 2005, it already had more than 1,000,000 short video clips. Later that month visitors were uploading 8000 clips a day and viewing 3,000,000.

By Apr 2006 users were watching 35 million videos a day on YouTube. The company received another round of funding from Sequoia Capital : $8 million to grow sales and promotional efforts and build-out the info centers. In October, Google agreed to buy YouTube for $1.65 bn. In Google stock. At about that point YouTube visitors were downloading over a hundred million videos a day. The acquisition was finished in February 2007. Talking at the Library of Congress in June 2008, Professor Michael Wesch of Kansas State College described the impact of YouTube. "YouTube produced more hours of video during the past half a year than the 3 major networks have produced since 1948. ".

Clearly , YouTube is a very important force online and in digital media but as Professor Wesch also discussed the great majority or videos on YouTube today are short, non-professional videos of three mins or less. YouTube today isn't what YouTube will be in a year or 3 years. The changes are driven by some powerful trends and will follow foreseeable patterns ; Understanding them will help you to get out in front of the curve.

Promoters using YouTube benefit from the commercial structure that's already in place on the web and the extent to which folk around the planet have become used to shopping on the web. According to Nielsen global , as of Feb 2008, 875 million people worldwide have purchased something online . Purchasing is robust across many states. When it comes to direct purchasing influence, the numbers are lower but recall we are considering the influence of a single site so that the stats are impressive. 35 % of YouTube users have purchased something online that they saw publicized on YouTube and 30 percent have followed a YouTube link to make a purchase. These figures are certainly depressed since users include a large slice of teenagers who do not have a Mastercard to make purchases online.

Generally, the purchasing demographics of YouTube follow those for the web in total. With the exception of kids, younger people are probably going to purchase online than older folks. Men are likely to buy online than girls. The commercial action on YouTube isn't restricted to consumers. Twenty five p.c of visitors to YouTube have exploited the site for business. About half them do so constantly or at the least occasionally. From our research we identify that YouTube's commercial use breaks down into three main classes. Almost half business users are looking out for additional info about a subject that can help them commercially. 40 5 p.c are looking out for info about products to get and twenty-eight percent are checking out the competition. YouTube is a market you can exploit. There are some key trends that YouTube is a part of which will outline what YouTube will become.

About the Author:


Sam D. Mann here with a Useful Tip Of The Day -
Nothing beats being in a position to:
1. Identify profitable search terms (Using Buyers keywords).
2. Launch mini sites based mostly on the given keyword phrases.
3. Rank in Google and each one of the alternative search engines for those keyword phrases.
4. Convert your traffic into revenue.

Each of the steps listed above is vitally significant to doing well on-line and will ultimately determine how much cash you can generate. Understanding and identifying profitable search terms must be the starting point of your business.

Understand this: People which misunderstand or ignore any of the above points finish up annoyed and not earning any money. Generally speaking, ignoring those points leads to the down fall of many would-be successful Internet marketers.

Final point. Always ask yourself:
Can I drive traffic in this market?
Will this traffic convert in affiliate sales or AdSense clicks?
What is the worth of a conversion? More Tips can be found at Affiliate Marketing Strategies Tips and Tools

SEO Tip Of The Day.
Choose to use text instead of images in your content, links and important subjects, headings etc. You may well be tempted to use fancy and expensive design techniques that either block search engine crawlers or leave your pages with very little plain text that can be indexed. Don’t fall prey to that temptation.

My thoughts for today...
It would be wise of you to use simple everyday words in your content so every reader can clearly understand what you've written.

"I once used the word "obsolete" in a headline, only to discover that 43% of housewives had no idea what it meant.

In another headline I used the word "ineffable," only to discover that I didn't know what it meant myself."

-David Ogilvy

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