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Sam D. Mann

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Free MLM Leads May Help You Make Money Online Fast

I wrote about this a few times recently and I'm doing so again but that is because it works like crazy!

This is by far the most in depth course that shows how to make money online fast from the 4 Billion plus cell phone users on planet earth.

Today you're going to find out about the most effective step-by-step make-money-online-fast system ever brought to light...

There are no less than 56 high quality videos that cover everything you need to know to make money online fast from cell phones.

The mastermind behind it swelled up a Clickbank account with $2,013,032.09 (Yeah 2 Million plus Buck$!) of commissions in just over 8 months!!

He knows what he's doing and it's still a wide open market for you to take advantage of. And you do not need to get technical or even have a website!

Watch the 2nd video to see the $2Million Clickbank account

That's it for the moment. Think Lucky - Be Lucky!!

Sam D. Mann

Now then, here's a brilliant article for you to read. Submitted by one of my many Guest Authors...


Generate Free MLM Leads-SEO Networker Dos and Don'ts

by Amir Shkolnik

Did you know you don't have to be an SEO expert to generate free MLM leads? The truth about search engine optimization is that it's pretty easy. The only problem is it can be extremely tiresome and annoying. If you go by a few basic set of rules you shouldn't have any problems.

If you are serious about generating free mlm leads check out a few basic Dos and Do Not's of the SEO Networker world.

SEO Networker Mastermind Dos:

1. Keep it Real- Natural behavior is something search engines love. If you get an email about some new software that promises search, engine boosting keep this in mind.

2. Build Links- When it comes to being an SEO Networker and learning to generate free MLM leads, links are crucial to your success. Once you create good quality links back to your site, the search engines will love it. You can do this by creating exchanges, articles, link buying, affiliate marketing and several other areas.

3. Site Optimization- You may be trying to create a site that the search engines will like, but you have to remember the more humans like your site the more the engines will. Look for valuable keywords to optimize your site using keyword research tools, my two favorites are "Google insights for search" and "Google free keyword tool". Finally make your site easy to navigate.

4. Delegate and Automate- Okay, when you want to do all of this by yourself, you have no idea the difficulties that lie ahead. Don't be afraid to grab a good software tool or outsource your SEO issues to other people.

SEO Networker Mastermind Don'ts:

1. The Constant Task- Being an SEO Networker is an ongoing process. Things change all the time, areas slip in production, and you are left wondering what the problem might be. So take the gradual route and add your content at an even pace.

2. Do not hyper focus on major search engine- Google may be the big daddy of the search world but they are not the only search engine, besides even Google changes their ranking algorithms at times. You want to rank well on the top three search engines.

Even though these seem like minor issues, they can be extremely detrimental to your business. If you don't maximize your SEO Networker capabilities to the fullest, you won't be able to generate free MLM leads. Well, maybe a few, but definitely not the kind of numbers you had originally hoped. So take all of this to heart, and utilize it in your daily routine. You will eventually see a huge boost in your traffic.

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