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Sam D. Mann

Saturday, October 17, 2009

How SEO Companies Provide SEO Services

About once every couple of years an excellent course is shown to the general public. One that answers a ton of the questions that I personally had after I began affiliate marketing some years back.

When I first began my on-line promoting career, I had heard that affiliate promoting was the "way to get cash on-line quick". I am pretty certain that you have possibly heard that statement too!. Probably even from me!! However, with that said, once I first started promoting on-line,I had really no clue about the way to:
1. Make an internet site that I could use to promote someone else's product
2. Get a product to promote that truly converted into sales
3. Get traffic to my web site so somebody would see what I was promoting ...
and I could go on, and on.

These days, I'm always reading some "crap" in forums from people saying, "All you have to do is visit and search for products with "brilliant" sales letters." And by that they mean, goods that look enticing and would be ones that you just might obtain yourself!!

Then, they are saying you may head over to Google Adwords and start advertising the chosen Clickbank product.

Then you've got to figure out which keywords are producing you sales and which ones are notaren't.

Then dispose of the ones that are not.

After that, you just just let your campaigns run on "auto-pilot" and you'll be rich...

Ha, Ha, Ha...

Perhaps you've heard that garbage as well. And maybe you've even tried it. I know I did. And, I am certain I do not have to inform you that such methods clearly do not work.

Anyway, let's be honest here. Individuals ARE making a whole lot of money as affiliates solely promoting products. I know this for a fact. So, how they do it is the question...

Possibilities are, they are either using the techniques taught in a new course called "The Google Sniper" system, or several type of variation of it. I know this technique works. I even have several of the "auto-pilot" systems set up.

Basically, I set up a little web site as an affiliate marketer, marketing products. Anyway, back to the course I am referring to. It's called Google Sniper.

The course is VERY good and not expensive. A lot of of what is taught is what I do. And a number of which were completely new to me. Oh, and I almost forgot to say that the systems taught do not use Google Adwords! So, if you dislike or aren't very good at using Google Adwords, this can be good for you.

Ok, sorry for the long, drawn out spiel. I generally ramble a bit when I get excited about things I love. blah blah blah...

Anyway, you can grab a copy of the course here: =>

This course is GOOD for you if any of these sounds like:
1. You aren't very good with the idea of using Google Adwords
2. Can't appear to discover profitable Clickbank services to sell
3. Have tried "affiliate promoting" but perhaps purely made a few bucks, if any at all!
4. Get bored with things and jump from project to project quite often
5. Spend time browsing forums. Try and do stuff you read about but never seem to totally work for you.

This is perhaps a BAD fit for you if you:
1. Are already a "super affiliate" using your own techniques successfully.
Side Note!!
If something's working for you, then do not go chasing after another strategy. "Do not fix what ain't broken" :-)
2. Are too unmotivated to follow instructions or read an eBook.

Therefore there you've got it. You can check out the brand new course here: =>

That's it for now. Think Lucky - Be Lucky!!

Sam D. Mann

Now then, here's an escellent article for you to read...


How SEO Companies Provide SEO Services

by Kevan McDermott

SEO, better known as search engine optimization, is an internet strategy to keep your company?s name on top of the search engine results. Through a thorough study on marketing approach, SEO companies use SEO services to sell, advertise, prioritize and market customer?s product, service and company.

It is a complicated effort because of all the search algorithms and research that has to be done. To effectively provide excellent SEO services, SEO companies need years of experience and skills that could provide such excellence. It?s a competitive world with SEO services. Now choosing the right SEO provider is much more risky than before.

These SEO companies? first priorities in giving quality SEO service is to provide keyword research, which detects and determines the best possible keywords that best meet your objective in online marketing campaigns.

For increasing sales for a direct prospect market, Pay-Per-Click ads are the right marketing strategy for your company. It?s cost effective and keeps you in charge of your target market.

Competitive analyses are also done by SEO Companies as part of their SEO service. Competitive analysis is done to your chosen keywords to avoid conflicts to other competitors or indirect market, and this will give you an overview of the drawback and the opportunities for your business.

One thing that will keep your business visible in search engine content is refreshing, distinctive content creation through blogs. This creates a more personalized and enhanced customer experience with your product, company information and product information.

SEO companies also assist with unique and fresh web content for your website which will help optimize it for search engine spiders. Unique and distinctive content is vital for SEO as well with the importance to market your product or services to your target market. SEO companies help you develop catchy, attractive, information rich content on your websites for better customer information.

Ensuring the success of your website is the top priority of SEO companies. Most of the SEO companies will assume greater knowledge in this field of business, so be aware of the credentials and testimonials. Anyone could claim to be an expert, so look for a SEO companies that not only show achievements but also experience with success.

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