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Sam D. Mann

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stop The SEO Madness In Order To make Money Online Fast

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Now then, here's a great article for you to read. Submitted by one of my many Guest Authors...


Stop The SEO Madness!

by Yasir Y Khan

What do SEO clients and beginner internet marketers have in common? They are always trying to find the answers to questions like: What is that one secret technique which will make me rank at the top of Yahoo?

People still believe that there are countless ways to game the leading search engines. They also think that the only way to rank high is to find that one unique technique which no one knows of. It is no wonder that e-books which talk about SEO secrets or Website Traffic Secrets seem to get the crowd into buying the product.

The truth is that gaming the search engines does not work anymore now, even if it used to work in the past. Six years ago, it was easy to rank at the top by starting a new website, stuffing your keywords in the title and keyword tags and using a certain keyword density. But if you follow these techniques now, you will never rank high and might even be penalized for keyword stuffing.

Seriously people, you need to stop with this SEO madness! If website owners could just concentrate on providing the search engines what they want i.e. good content and good quality links coupled with signs of relevance, their rankings will improve automatically.

The main SEO issue which gets discussed a lot is the keyword density. People still seem to believe that a 4-5% keyword density will ensure high rankings. Keyword density is useless, period. I have seen websites ranking high for keywords which were nowhere in the website.

Another misconception in SEO is that people think that if they put more than 50 links daily, Google will penalize or de-index their website. Remember, there are websites out there which get 10,000 links a day because of their unique content or news. There is no such thing as Google penalizing you if you exceed a certain number of links a day. If, however, you are spamming, you will get penalized.

In conclusion, stop spending time on finding that one secret which will make you get thousands of visitors a day. Focus on your content, website navigation and your keywords and you will start ranking higher in Google.

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