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Sam D. Mann

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Solid Internet Presence Can Help You Make Money Online Fast

About once every 2-3 years a great course is shown to the general public. 1 that answers a lot of the queries that I personally had when I began affiliate marketing some years ago.

After I first began my on-line advertising career, I had heard that affiliate marketing was the "best way to earn money online". I'm sure that you've probably heard that statement as well!. Maybe even from me!! However, with that said, once I first started advertising on-line,I had really no clue about a way to:
1. Create a website that I can use to market someone else's product
2. Discover a product to promote that actually converted into sales
3. Get traffic to my web site so someone would see what I was promoting ...
and I could go on, and on.

These days, I am always reading some "crap" in forums from people spouting off, "All you've got to perform is visit and search for products with "good" sales letters." And by that they mean, goods that look enticing and would be ones that you simply might get yourself!!

Then, they assert you can head over to Google Adwords and begin advertising the chosen Clickbank product.

Then you have got to work out which keywords are making you sales and which ones are notaren't.

Then get rid of those that are not.

After that, you just just let your campaigns run on "auto-pilot" and you'll be rich...

Ha, Ha, Ha...

Maybe you have heard that garbage as well. And perhaps you've even tried it. I know I did. And, I am sure I do not have to inform you that such methods obviously don't work.

Anyway, let's be honest here. Individuals ARE producing a whole lot of cash as affiliates solely promoting products. I know this for a fact. So, how they are doing it is the question...

Possibilities are, they are either using the techniques taught in a new course known as "The Google Sniper" system, or some type of variation of it. I know this technique works. I have several of the "auto-pilot" systems set up.

Essentially, I set up a very little website as an affiliate marketer, marketing products. Anyway, back to the course I'm referring to. It's called Google Sniper.

The course is VERY good and not expensive. Much of what is taught is what I do. And a number of which were completely new to me. Oh, and I nearly forgot to say that the methods taught do not use Google Adwords! So, if you dislike or are not awfully brilliant at using Google Adwords, this can be perfect for you.

Ok, sorry for the long, drawn out spiel. I sometimes ramble a bit when I get excited regarding things I love. blah blah blah...

Anyway, you could grab a copy of the course here: =>

This course can be GOOD for you if any of these sounds like:
1. You aren't very brilliant with the idea of using Google Adwords
2. Can't appear to get profitable Clickbank products to market
3. Have tried "affiliate advertising" but perhaps purely earned some bucks, if any at all!
4. Get tired of things and jump from project to project quite mostly
5. Spend time browsing forums. Try to do stuff you read about but never seem to completely work for you.

This maybe is a BAD fit for you if you:
1. Are already a "super affiliate" using your own methods successfully.
If one thing's providing for you, then do not go chasing once another strategy. "Do not fix what ain't broken" :-)
2. Are too unmotivated to follow instructions or browse an eBook.

Therefore there you have got it. You can check out the brand new course here: =>

That's it for now. Think Lucky - Be Lucky!!

Sam D. Mann

Now then, here's a great article for you to read...


Small Company Web Development: Establishing A Solid Internet Presence

by Stephanie Dawson

In the year of 2009 a organization without a website is a organization that most likely will not last much longer. If you are too contend with similar companies, then creating a web presence is mandatory. The benefit of a site is as equally critical to an offline business as it is to a home based company.

A considerable amount of small businesses receive the majority of their sales from the net. This is particularly true for companies that offer drop distribution of their goods. The implementation of website advertising to your organization can open the entrance to tons of additional prospects.

A good web page creation gives your prospective clients the capacity to preview your product before making a purchase. Your website content lands your sales pitch without you being present. It is like having a salesman that works 24/7 without salary. That same representative can speak with hundreds at one time.

The best designed websites will promote your company on the net to each person from your point of view. A good web page will also emphasize the reasons a buyer should pick out you over your fellow entrepreneur. You can also announce sales and develop a newsletter mailing list of your devoted clientele.

The world wide web also gives an opportunity for company owners to pick new advertising techniques. Being able to see what your competitors are up to, will help to market your company better.

A internet presence can be just as beneficial for a offline organization as well. Some company owners with a thriving store front business may not feel the need for a site; They are missing out on prospective clientele. The quickest way people find companies is through the search engines, so if your organization is not listed, you will squander that customer.

A home base business operates chiefly through the world wide web, but for an offline company a quality website is not mandatory. The similarities that all company owners share is the ability to maximize their revenue potential. A world wide web presence backed by a good internet design will provide a business with the opportunity to open their doors to the world, thus creating the likelihood for improved returns.

Whether your company is based at home or in a busy office building, the internet can provide added exposure for your business. Regardless of your marketing plans, exposing your business to millions can not be a awful idea.

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