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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Full HD TV Explained

Full HD TV Explained

by Marshall Denyer

HD broadcasting is pushing analog television sets off the market. LCDs outsell all televisions among smaller sized HD ready and full HD LCD sets. Plasma sets, which are mostly larger, also come in HD Ready and full HD plasma sets.
Full HD - High Definition broadcasts can be received directly only by a set with 1080p pixels. Sometimes this is listed with another number, as in the numbers: 1920 x 1080p. If it is 1080p, then it is either a HD LCD TV set or a full HD plasma set. Unlike analog or HD ready sets, full High Definition LCD TV sets can receive actual high definition television signals at their normal 1080p rate. It can play HD DVDs and blu-ray disks as maximum quality. Like full HD LCD TV sets, full HD plasma sets are fully capable of receiving and displaying 1080p broadcasts.
For blu-ray technology, which is also filmed in this 1080p high definition, these sets are perfectly compatible. These sets reproduce blu-ray disks exactly as they were filmed. Other sets cannot claim quite this high a quality.
HD Ready - Full HD LCD TV sets and full High Definition plasma sets are different from those that are simply HD ready. HD ready is indicated by a 728i or 1080i pixel rate. HD-ready sets have tuners to adjust for the difference between their pixel rates and High Definition broadcasting. These sets are reported to have good pictures for their price range and compare favorably with full HD plasma sets and full High Definition LCD TV sets.
HD Set sizes - When it comes to HD set sizes, LCDs are available in almost every size from 10 inches up to its 42 inch TV. Then it jumps up into higher numbers, competing with plasma. The 42 inch set is a good middle ground for those who want size without incredibly high prices. Plasma comes in 50 and 60 inch sizes usually. However, some sets as small as a 42 inch TV do come in plasma. Sizes do not reflect whether the set is HD ready or full High Definition.
HD Sets - High definition television is broadcast in widescreen, also known as the 16 inch by 9 inch ratio. Analog television was always broadcast in 4:3 ratio. Whether they are HD ready or full HD LCD TV sets, LCDs will all come with wider screens. For full HD plasma sets, these sets will be wider than analog sets, but of course HD ready plasmas are also wider. Width is not an indication of HD quality, simply of HD capability.
HD Converter - For analog television users, an High Definition converter is a must. Almost all analog signals have been or are being replaced by digital signals. Only an HD converter can make an HD broadcast into an analog signal. Many users report that an HD converter has improved their analog picture considerably. Still, this is not a full HD picture as defined by manufacturing standards.
HDTV Online - High Definition TV online is accomplished through the pixel rate on your computer screen. It may or may not be high enough to deliver true HDTV. To find out if HDTV online is true full high definition, you should compare your pixel count and resolution to 1920 by 1080p. If it is lower, it is not full HD as compared to full HD LCD TVs and full HD plasma sets.

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