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Sam D. Mann

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Use The Power Of SEO To Make Money Online Fast

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Now then, here's an excellent article for you to read. Submitted by one of my many Guest Authors...


The Power Of SEO For New Webmasters SEO For Beginners

by Michael Fleischner

A common question I'm often asked from people who are new to Internet marketing is whether or not they should be concerned with search engine optimization. What often happens is that after a while, new website owners don't receive any traffic and they start to wonder why. The truth of the matter is that now they are focused on search engine optimization which determines where and how your website is ranked on search engines.

The best way for me to explain search engine optimization basics is to first provide an overview of how search engines work. Although optimization techniques should take all major search engines into consideration, the reality is that by optimizing your website or blog for Google is the best investment you can make.

So what exactly is search engine optimization and why does it matter. Search engine optimization, or SEO refers to both the art and science of search engine rankings. What you are doing, or not doing online, has a direct impact on where your website or blog shows up when users type a search term on Yahoo! or other major search engines. What influences those rankings is referred to as SEO and influences your results.

Search engines work based on algorithms. When a user goes to MSN and types in a keyword phrase, that search engine returns a variety of results related to the keyword term. How does it do that? Hard to say since all search engines work differently. The key is that results are somehow related to your search term.

You may be asking exactly what exactly decides which sites get listed in search engine results. The reality is that every search engine is unique. The methodology they use to list sites associated with particular keyword phrases varies. One really great aspect of search engine optimization however is that it dispels some of the mystery around how search engines work and what you can do to improve rankings.

In a single article its difficult to explain all of the nuances of these techniques, but know that common SEO principles exist and can help you improve your ranking on major search engines. For example, having your keywords as part of your website URL, title, and web page has a positive impact on results for those seeking information related to your keyword.

The internet is full of informational products and services related to SEO. The reason why this has created an industry unto itself is because search engines are continually updating their algorithms. As a result, websites need to be continually updated, changed, and new strategies developed. Some principles stay the same however such as good quality content and the importance of keywords.

For anyone doing business online, I recommend having a working knowledge of search engine optimization. Although I don't recommend trying to become and SEO expert, I do feel that it's important to have an awareness of basic SEO principles. This is important because everything you do, from naming your web pages, to developing partnerships needs to consider the implications of search engine rankings.

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