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Sam D. Mann

Monday, October 19, 2009

When SEO Is Applied You Can Make Money Online Fast

Hiya all you guys and gals out there, Sam D. Mann Here!

My friends, are you all rested up from the weekend? I suppose you have been watching football, cricket, tennis, (or dare I say it - "eyeing up beauties of the opposite sex"!! LOL) and eating enough pizzas... and drinking enough beer... to gratify a battalion of the Scots Guards?

Well my Dears, after living all that life of decadence... LOL, I assume you're ready to hear the truth about a marketer's life!

It is time to light up the fire in your belly and initiate a massive push for the coming weeks!

Yeah, it is work time. In case you had not noticed, we have just passed the midway point for October, and so, for you marvelous people soaking up this note, it is time for you to plan a S-U-P-E-R Killer Job!

Why the hurry? Just remember this - The time from mid September to middle of December is perhaps the BIGGEST Sales Periods Of The Year!!

This is the time when affiliate marketers rake in the most money. Do not sit around and let it pass YOU by!

NOW is the time to get down to brass tacks and take stock of yourself and where you are... in the "Make Money Online Fast" arena.

NOW is the time to create some money-pulling ads - Yeah... This is the time of the year when it's really worth all the effort you can put in.

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Now then, here's a great article for you to read. Submitted by one of my many Guest Authors...


When SEO Is Applied Correctly

by Roelof Vermeulen

There are off course basic rules to SEO, such as ensuring that the basic on-page factors are applied correctly, this is off-course very important in order for the spiders to interpret what they see on your site. Simple things like the domain name, page titles, and headings, bold, italic and off course bulleted text needs to be accurately rendered in the HTML, as that is the language that the spider understands and can interpret.

Most of us know that link text and themes of the pages that links are obtained from, plays a significant role in just how well SEO will work for them. However, do we truly understand how these themes are determined? Do we also use and to do our keyword research, or do we simply use costly products like Wordtracker to do our keyword research based on the searches for that day? The fact is however, that SEO has moved onto a completely new level.

Having a start-up strategy for any new site is very important. The most important thing with any business is to be able to get into business as fast as possible using the easiest possible way. The reality is that a new site will not rank immediately after being indexed, nor will it make any money unless you have alternative marketing strategies in place when the site is launched. What is very important is to realise that the alternative marketing methods can have a major impact on your sites rankings later on therefore you need to keep that in mind when strategising, to ensure that you can benefit of it once your site have the opportunity to rank.

Thinking about specialists in the field of SEO, it becomes very obvious that in terms of Return on Investment (ROI), having an SEO strategy in place makes money sense. But realising that being completely SEO dependant can be highly risky, as was demonstrated by the Florida update in November 2003, and therefore it is a safe to ensure that you apply all eight marketing strategies at the same time. Besides that, the effect of SEO can take a while to show. It s often difficult for new sites to rank for good keywords, therefore the safer strategies are truly recommended.

Many people will say that 8 years ago it was much simpler to make money on the web. This can be a statement that demotivates many Internet entrepreneurs before they even started. The reality is however, that the Internet has grown with more than 360% in the past 9 years, which in effect means that t has become easier to make money online for those that realise that the playing field just requires a more focussed approach. Niche marketing has been a word that has been doing the rounds for some time now and for a good reason. When investigating search engines and searches conducted on them, it becomes clear that search is much more targeted these days. Single keyword searches are not being done as much as years before. People have a much more focussed approach when doing searches.

The time has changed from where we simply put a website live and then pop a few back links its way t ensure that it gets listed in the SERPS. SEO has moved far beyond that simple and easy system. In the future small things like media mentions and advertising might even be taken into account to ensure dominance in search engines. Realising that all marketing acquisition methods are working together to benefit SEO is the key to becoming the best SEO there is.

About the Author:


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